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Computer Repair

Are there problems with your computer that are slowly worsening day by day?
Do you have a list of little issues that have become inconviences?

Techkno is your answer for any computer problem big or small.

We work on any Windows, Mac or Linux machine, laptop or desktop.
Below is a list of common services performed and the general price of the service:


Virus/Malware/Junkware Removal
Operating System Reinstall:
*Includes Data Transfer to new OS
New Computer Setup:
*Includes Data Transfer to new computer


Desktops: Replace/Upgrade Power Supply
Desktops: Replace/Upgrade Memory
Desktops: Replace/Upgrade Hard Drive/Optical Drive
Laptops: Replace/Upgrade Memory
Laptops: Replace/Upgrade Hard Drive/Optical Drive


If you're having any sort of problem with networking, inconsistentices in network reliability or slow downloads, we can diagnose the situation down to a specific piece of hardware or software.


Configure Router
Configure Wireless AP/Client/Repeater


Install Router
Install Switch/Hub
Install Wireless AP

Webiste Design

Ever had a business opportunity that deserves a website that shows off the uniqness and chirsma of the product or service?

Techkno has the team to design and maintain a custom website to tailor your needs. Whether it be a site to show off handmade jewelry pieces or to show off the art of baking pies, we will create the perfect showcase!

Web Applications

Coming Soon!